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  • Breathable, GOTS organic cotton cover
  • Breathable, recycled Simba Renew layer
  • GOLS organic latex comfort layer
  • Supportive Aerocoil Spring Layer
  • Breathable 3D Mesh

layers of sustainable,
organic comfort

Six layers? Yes. And every single one has a part to play in helping you sleep better.

Breathable, GOTS organic cotton cover

Pure, cooling, organic cotton, certified to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) a body which monitors production from field to factory.

5 good things about
the Simba Green

Meet our most eco-friendly mattress ever, with just half the carbon footprint of traditional hybrids. It’s the cool, comfortable combo of natural, organic materials with technologically advanced ones.

1 Latex, our
not-so-new hero

The natural partner to our Aerocoil® springs

Technology isn’t always about new materials. It’s about finding new ways to use established ones, like Latex; a natural by-product of the rubber tree, Latex has been around for centuries. With its excellent properties of elasticity, it offers superb body support and pressure distribution, but it’s also a renewable, bountiful, and biodegradable material, as well as naturally anti-microbial.

All of which was music to our ears.

Because we’ve been searching for a more sustainable comfort layer to partner our ingenious Aerocoil springs, and latex is the answer. We’ve made sure this natural beauty meets the Simba standard of heat control and comfort by adding perforations to encourage airflow, and graphite to absorb excess heat; we’ve also added a thick, anti-allergenic barrier layer between the latex and the cover.

We're also delighted to use Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS) certified latex; this is a body which regulates natural rubber products all the way from field to factory, promoting sustainable and responsible practices such as pesticide-free farming, the correct disposal of wastewater and safe working conditions.

2It's got to be

Organic, sustainably produced cotton

Cotton is naturally breathable and cooling, and it's a soft, comfortable and durable material for mattress covers. But conventionally grown cotton has a much more negative impact on the environment than you might think.

That's why we took the decision to make the Simba Green's cotton cover from 100% GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified cotton; this certification regulates organic, natural textiles during their entire production, from the chemical-free growth and safe harvest of raw materials, through to responsible manufacturing such as the banning of dangerous dyes and fair employment practices such as a living wage.

Along with natural bleaching techniques and a botanical fire-retardant treatment, it really is the best possible cotton we can find.

As environmental stewardship goes, there's nothing better.

3 Core comfort; the
Aerocoil® spring

Patented sleep engineering

Our patented micro springs are so strong that they offer unrivalled support, but also so small that we can position them unnoticed nearer the top of the mattress, where they limit motion transfer and help prevent overheating.

They are up to 2,000 of these steely, recyclable gems in the Simba Green, tucked under the latex layer where they offer increased air circulation and ultra-responsive comfort - flexing gently in response to you and your partner's every move, offering personalised support to one without disturbing the other.

4 Going
full circle...

Use. Recycle. Repeat.

While all Simba mattresses are 100% recyclable, we’ve designed the Simba Green to be even easier to disassemble and recycle. That's why, for example, there is no chemical glue in the Green mattress; it’s potentially damaging and polluting, making further recycling much, much harder.

Our commitment to recycling also lies behind our passion for Simba Renew™; it’s a soft, anti-allergenic and breathable layer, but it’s made from as much as 75% recycled yarns, with a few new fibres to ensure optimum durability. So while it may be a man-made material, it represents us all the opportunity to be more sustainable in everything we make and use.

It’s our first step towards being circular.


Unrivalled support and airflow

Our Supportcore™ base features up to 1,000 pocketed springs, but by varying the diameter of the spring wire we’ve been able to create 5 support zones for the parts of your body with more specific needs, such as your shoulders and hips. The same technology allows effective edge-to-edge support, thanks to firmer rows of springs at the edges of the mattress.

Using a spring base rather than foam also encourages even more airflow through the mattress. But what makes this pocket spring base so unique, and so Simba, is its sustainability factor: it’s 100% recyclable because there’s nothing in it apart from steel and recycled fibres. But we’re even more proud that it’s the only pocket sprung base that can be rolled and boxed, which makes this mattress more efficient to transport and reducing its carbon footprint.

For a smaller footprint

It’s not just about what materials we use. It’s how we put them together. Because to produce a luxury, more eco-friendly mattress like this requires skill, a keen eye, and meticulous attention to detail.

That’s why we’ve chosen to have it hand stitched, by experienced craftspeople. It’s a cleaner, more sustainable way to guarantee a quality mattress, and a key factor in a carbon footprint that’s just half that of traditional Hybrid mattresses.

Why you can rest easy with Simba...

We're experts in the science of sleep, and over a million customers have already trusted us to give them the best night's sleep they've ever had.

  • Top Rated and Award Winning

    We have 250,000 five-star reviews, which is more than any other boxed mattress brand in the world; we’ve also won 40 sleep industry awards.

  • Proudly Made In Canada

    We have over 40 years’ experience in the industry, we've made sure all our mattresses are designed in the UK & Made in Canada.

  • Expert Sleep Science

    Using body profile data from ten million sleepers, our sleep scientists have created a mattress designed and crafted for every sleeping style and body type.

  • Simba Service Promise

    We offer free delivery and returns, with a 100-night comfort trial and a 10-year guarantee.

The Hybrid® Mattress Range

  • Simba Hybrid® 1500

    Simba Hybrid® 1500

    Firm Feel - Cozy Price

    4 Layers|10 Inch Depth

    Shop 1500
  • Simba Hybrid® 2500

    Simba Hybrid® 2500

    Best Seller - Advanced Support

    5 Layers|12 Inch Depth

    Shop 2500
  • Simba Hybrid® 5000

    Simba Hybrid® 5000

    Luxury - Ultra Plush

    7 Layers|14 Inch Depth

    Shop 5000

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