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A Sustainable Sleep

Engineered for sleep and a better tomorrow

The best thing about a great night’s sleep is the healthier, happier morning that follows, but we know there’s no brighter tomorrow in sight for the planet right now. So we’re using our technology and knowledge to play our part in solving the problems it faces.

Simba’s Net Zero Commitment

Simba believe we need two things to combat climate change effectively: a tangible target, and global teamwork. That’s why we’ve signed up to both The Climate Pledge and the SME Climate Hub (part of the UN’s Race to Zero initiative), consolidating our existing commitment to the BRC’s Climate Action Roadmap. These partnerships mean we’re teaming up with governments and other businesses around the world, working towards the common goal of net zero emissions by 2040.

But we’re aiming higher still. For Simba, it’s Net Zero by 2030, a full twenty years earlier than the date established by the Paris Agreement.

It’s our first step on this very important journey.


We’re excited to confirm Simba’s commitment to The Climate Pledge this year; I believe this new initiative will inspire us to build proactively on our existing pledges to the SME Climate Hub and the BRC Climate Action Road Map, allowing us to bring forward our Net Zero target even further to 2030. Working alongside a wide variety of partners around the world, we will continue to make the changes needed across our business to meet this important goal.

Steve Reid, CEO

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