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Report a Bug

Spotted a vulnerability? We want to know.

We collect bug reports sent by users to detect potential risks and errors on site. Bug reports are monitored by our developers and help us improve your experience on site.

Report it to us at security@simbasleep.com and you could receive a free product. Rules apply, please see below.


Please try to include sufficient detail in your report.
For example:

- What did you try to do?

- What steps did you take to attempt this?

- What did you expect to happen?

- What was the outcome you experienced?



- Do not access another user's data

- Do not publicly disclose a bug before it has been fixed

- No DDoS

- No vulnerability scanners or automated tools

- No social engineering, phishing or physical attacks

- No submissions relating to exotic / outdated browsers / extensions

- No submissions relating to very unusual edge cases

- No submissions regarding already public information

- No submissions where risk is insignificant

- No submissions we are already aware of


Thank You!

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