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Mattresses don’t just come in different sizes - there are different types too. Choosing the right mattress for you can highly impact your quality of sleep, so it’s well worth the research. However, it may feel a little overwhelming with all the variety that is available. Where do you even start, especially if you’re buying your first mattress? To simplify things, we’ve put together a guide of the different types of mattresses explained.


When it comes to choosing the right mattress, it all starts with understanding the different mattress types that are available. They vary in terms of the materials they’re made from, how they’re constructed, and who they are best suited to. Let’s take a look at some popular models.


This type of mattress is a combination of foam and coiled springs, and is often made up of multiple layers. Hybrid mattresses are popular for balancing comfort with pressure relief and support. They’re also renowned for maintaining body temperature with optimum airflow through the springs, making them a great choice for warm sleepers. Some options include additional cooling layers too. These types of mattresses are great for sharing with a partner, as there is limited motion transfer from the foam layer.


Also known as a memory foam mattress, these are made from multiple layers of foam. The result is a body-cradling mattress that feels like you’re sinking into it. The material retains heat very easily, so this is more suited for those who get chilly at night. Like the hybrid mattress, there is very low motion transfer, making it a good option for couples sharing the same bed.


These are mattresses that are made completely from organic materials. This can include wool, cotton, and natural latex, all of which have been certified organic. How these mattresses are designed, and what layers they feature can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. It should be noted that all mattresses have to pass very strict regulations with the materials and processes used. This includes non-organic materials too.


A classic model, the spring mattress is often what comes to mind when we first think about this type of product. You may sometimes see them be called innerspring mattresses. These are types that have multiple metal springs underneath that support your body weight. They can also have a comfort layer on top to protect your body from direct contact from the springs. This layer may be foam, cushioned or quilted - it all depends on the mattress model and design. Spring mattresses are highly regarded for their support and bounce, provided by the springs themselves. There are different types of coils too. These include bonnell, offset, pocket, and continuous. Each of these have different formations in the mattress, some offering higher levels of durability than others. Spring mattresses also encourage airflow through the coils, meaning this is a great option for sleepers who may need help reducing overheating at night.


When it comes to choosing the right mattress for you, there’s no one type of mattress that reigns supreme. All of the different types of mattresses we have discussed in this guide can be someone’s perfect mattress - it all comes down to personal preference. When choosing a new mattress, there are a few things you can consider when narrowing down your list:

  • Are you a chilly or warm sleeper?
  • Do you share your bed with a sleeping partner?
  • Are you looking for specific pressure relief?
  • Do you need specific overall support for your body?

If you’re still unsure which model to go for, a hybrid mattress is a safe option to go for. Featuring the benefits of spring and foam mattresses, our hybrid designs at Simba are temperature regulating, comfortable, supportive, and great for sharing.

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